Uses For Your YurtA sample of ideas showing its versatility

Airbnb / Short & Long-Term Rental Accommodation

yurt accomodationSleeping in a yurt is a restful, rejuvenating experience. Yours can be used as rental accommodation or more as temporary sleeping quarters for guests.

Just over a decade ago, Brian Chesky & Joe Gebbia were out of work & running out of money.

At the time they noticed a big conference was about to take place where they lived in San Francisco and all the hotels were full. Felt like an opportunity beckoned.

After buying a couple of air mattresses they set them up on the living room floor. Their idea was to offer guests somewhere to sleep and make them breakfast in the morning.

But how to let people know about the accommodation available? They quickly cobbled together a website called “". We now know it as Airbnb. Sure enough, 3 people booked to sleep under their roof and paid US$80 each.

Wanting to be entrepreneurs but not wanting to be part of the problem (creating stuff that only ends up in landfill) the essence of their idea really appealed to them.

From those humble beginnings, Airbnb has become the biggest hotel in the world…without owning a single bit of real estate.

What is known as the Sharing Economy continues to expand. Uber allows people to run their own taxi service, Airbnb Experiences allow people to offer their talents to provide unique adventures to tourists etc.

The beauty of the age we live in is that you don’t have to permanently rent out your yurt space. You can choose to do it during the busier summer months, a period of time when you’re home and have more time for it, you can do the cleaning & booking yourself or farm these out to other people or real estates.

With wage growth stagnating and job security lessening, having a yurt provides an extra income source while increasing the value of a property.

airbnb yurtHere we have the uniqueness of a yurt complimented by a labyrinth for something truly different.

Yurts are an uncommon building structure and appeal to guests who are always looking to try something different or novel.

A client I built a yurt for shared with me her Airbnb reviews which tend to have a theme around being distinctive and peaceful. Here are some of their comments:

This is one of the best Airbnbs I’ve stayed at. The Yurt had everything we needed. Would 100% recommend staying here if you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Yurt and will recommend it to everyone we know coming to the Blue Mountains."

"We had a wonderful stay at the Yurt. The space is so warm, relaxing and peaceful. The skylight gives such a beautiful view of the trees and the sky. The yurt is very clean and has a calm, healing energy inside. We will definitely be back !!!”

“Definitely a great experience staying in a Yurt! It was perfect and so peaceful.”

“This yurt is awesome. It was clean, the bed was comfortable and had all the amenities you could ask for. It was great to sit out on the deck with a glass of wine and chat amongst the beautiful nature. The yurt has everything you need for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay. I highly recommend it!”

“A very unique place to stay and a great way to reconnect with oneself and nature.”

“My stay at the yurt was exactly the tonic I was after. The bush block is beautifully quiet and birdsong is enchanting. The yurt itself feels like a spacious, modern temple with lots of warmth, character, all the mod cons you need for comfort and none that you don’t. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality :) ”

“Lovely place to stay - very unique and relaxing!! Would definitely recommend!”

“A wonderful peaceful retreat with excellent privacy. Perfect couples getaway, nice and relaxing after a day of exploring the local surrounds.”

“Very relaxed and easy place to stay. Peaceful atmosphere. Lovely skylight so you can see the stars at night.”

“Gorgeous location to experience a unique and beautiful space!”

“The yurt provided a great space for some much needed time out. Being able to enjoy the view from the windows and skylight enhanced this immensely. I'd happily stay again.”

“The yurt is stylish and comfortable with plenty of room and everything you need. Being in a bush location it was lovely to relax and listen to the birds.”

“The yurt space was exactly what we needed to slow down and relax. We were lucky enough to watch a thunderstorm through the glass sunlight which was a stunning end to the day. It was very easy to settle in and hard to leave the peaceful views and wildlife. I'd absolutely recommend staying here, we're lucky to have spent a night in this cosy yurt and wish we'd planned for longer. Thank you incredibly for sharing your space with us.”

“What a great place, a different experience altogether.”

“My son and I just returned from a fabulous weekend at the Yurt. Our stay was very peaceful and quiet. This is a beautiful structure set in a gorgeous location and after a restful sleep, we started our morning reading in the mist, cuppa in hand and overlooking a lovely bush view. The yurt presents as a lovely space with a new bathroom easily accessible just outside. This is one stay you should treat yourself to!”

Secondary Accommodation

Australian’s have long built extra residences on their properties known as Granny flats. With women tending to outlive men, they were built to provide breathing space for children with young families, give mothers their privacy and independence while allowing a level of connection that worked for families.

Today these structures go by the name Garden Flats to capture the multi-purpose nature of a secondary residence.

yurt guest accommodationWhat glamping has done to make sleeping outdoors more appealing, our stylish and modern yurts have done to bring yurts a giant leapt forward from flimsy canvass and timber counterparts.

For those of who have lots of relatives and friends come to visit, your yurt can be a comfortable and unique space for guests to stay.

As satisfying as it can be to have people stay with us, most of us enjoy having a bit of time and space to ourselves, whether we are hosting or guests.

yurt as a teenager sleepout
The skylight shutter and block out curtains make for an ideal sleeping in space for teenagers.

It can be used as a cave for teenagers either to sleep out or hang out in the day to provide more quiet in your main residence.

Alternatively, couples can leave the kids inside and take some time out in what can be your couples retreat, a place that remains a clean, tidy and quiet respite from their main household.

garden flat yurt sanctuaryCandles, wine, acoustics for music, views through your skylight and windows - these all create a romantic getaway without even having to leave your home.

Run Your Business

Rental accommodation is only one of a number of options when it comes to utilising your yurt as an income source.

A client uses her yurt to for counselling practice. The natural light, being able to accentuate views, being a cosy space, having a tea/coffee area, the quiet of the space, all these features contribute to making it an ideal area for her to work out of.

yurt counselling spaceOur yurts are markedly different from typical private practice rooms.

The previously mentioned benefits also make your yurt conducive to offering a writing retreat.

yurt as a writing retreat space

Your area of expertise can be drawn on to provide a retreat space for clients, be it through writing, art, music or numerous other areas.

For those people who work in health and wellness, it makes a tranquil space to do massage, body treatments and modes of therapy. Taking the option of having a skylight shutter installed you can make the area as dark or light as you prefer.

yurt as a space to run private practice              A yurt makes for an inviting space for breath work, energy work and body work.

Workshop Space

Your yurt can be hired out to other practitioners or be used as an area in which you run weekend workshops, evening courses, men’s/women’s circles, drumming groups, dance classes, yoga and meditation classes and much more.

yurt as a workshop spaceAs screen time grows more and more people are seeking out real-world connections and the regular interaction from circle gatherings, classes and workshops.

Home Office

Being highly insulated, your yurt makes for a quiet workspace or home office. It can be particularly valuable for those with younger kids who would like a sanctuary to work, create art or music. It also provides peace of mind knowing you can store valuable or fragile equipment and not have it damaged or interfered with.

Using a yurt for a home officeHouse getting too disruptive? Our yurts make a great second office or sanctuary from your main residence.

Relaxation Area

Mythologist Joseph Campbell recognised the impending issue of work/life balance long before it became a major focus. He suggested one antidote to our increasingly busy and stressful lives was being able to find a sacred space — being an area designed for uninterrupted reflection or unrushed creative work. As he put it:

Our life has become so economic and practical in its orientation that, as you get older, the claims of the moment upon you are so great, you hardly know where the hell you are, or what it is you intended. You are always doing something that is required of you. Where is your bliss station? You have to try to find it.

Sacred space is an absolute necessity for anybody today. You must have a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don’t know what was in the newspapers that morning, you don’t know who your friends are, you don’t know what you owe anybody, you don’t know what anybody owes to you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. This is the place of creative incubation. At first you may find that nothing happens there. But if you have a sacred place and use it, something eventually will happen.

yurt as a relaxation space, sacred spaceReflection, creative incubation, sacred space…your yurt area can provide all this and more.

Your yurt space can be made into a home gym area, or a place to do yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation, breath work or some other centring practice.

yurt space as a yoga or meditation areaStart your day with a salute to the sun or an exercise practice which helps you seize the day.

The yurt area creates wonderful acoustics for musical instruments or simply for you to enjoy recorded music.

yurt acoustics, music space Our solid insulation allows the kids to drum, bang and strum away without disturbing you or the neighbours.

While there are numerous ways to harness your yurt space, many of these are interchangeable.

In the images shown on this page, my client has found the space so versatile she can transform it from an Airbnb accommodation in the morning to be used as a workshop setting in the evening. Her bed folds up to become a couch. The desk shelving easily removes to provide extra space. Outside storage areas have been built to place cushions, yoga mats, blankets etc.

yurt multi purpose spaceWith variety being the spice of life, why not mix and match a number of the possible uses?

Find out the step by step process to having your yurt built