Optional ExtrasAdd Some Further Touches To Enhance Your Yurt

Optional Extras And A Complete Building Package

Having spent my working life as a draftsman, metalworker and builder I am able to offer you a complete package when it comes to creating your ideal yurt area.

Should you be fortunate enough to have a flat backyard, you’re blessed with easy access and simple building when it comes to having your yurt installed.

For those with more challenging spaces I can help take care of the before and after stages of building your yurt.

Here’s an example of a yurt built on a property with sloping land.

excavating and site preparation for yurt buildingThe beauty of my design is that the yurt can be built on sloping land by adjusting the height of the metal piers.

In this case, my client wished to have their land levelled out to comply with their local councils exempt development on structures under 20 Square Metres. This ensured the structure fell under the exempt developments height requirement of 3 metres.



Having spent a number of years installing fencing, I am proficient at excavating a site and can offer you this service.

My client elected to have a retaining wall installed to neaten the presentation of the yurt area and tier down another level, which they built a labyrinth on. The first photo in the following image reveals the land after levelling.

.yurt excavation process1st image - Levelled land after excavation and installing a retaining wall. 2nd image - Moveable shutter, which can provide bushfire protection as well as regulate how much heat and light you bring into the yurt. 3rd image - The site called for a further retaining wall to neaten up the other side of the land.



The next challenge facing my client involved providing access to the top of their property as well as being able to make use of the second tiered area.

yurt before outdoor work completeHere we have the yurt being completed but with the steep yard not having access to the driveway and main residence.


yurt stepsThis image shows a staircase connecting from the yurt level to the bottom tier as well as connecting to the top of the property (middle image).


Retaining Walls


yurt landscapingHere I have installed a retaining wall which is much neater than what previously existed. Additionally, it offers a space to grow trees or shrubs on the lower garden bed while the top bed can be used as a garden or area for flowers.



The addition of a deck made for more useable area and dining space, while cementing in an outdoor umbrella has provided sun protection and cover from rain.

With the deck extending around the two sides, the yurt level and bottom tier connect smoothly, while the area to the right of the metal staircase in the above photo has been utilised as a BBQ area and storage space.



The previous image shows the bathroom that I have built and the platform, which connects it to the metal staircase.

Should you be having guests stay in your yurt, the addition of a bathroom and shower makes for a fully self-contained area.


yurt bathroom areaHere is close up of the bathroom area and an inside photo.



yurt shutters for bushfire protectionMoveable skylight shutter and one which covers the main door. I have also installed window shutters.


Bushfire ratings are given by local councils depending on a properties slope, the density of bushland, proximity to cleared land and other factors.

Properties deemed to be high risk can require specially designed glass on windows and doors. The cost of this can be exorbitant.

Fortunately, there is the alternative of having a shutter installed over exposed glass. I can install these on your yurt.

Shutters can also be of great benefit when it comes to controlling how much light you allow into the space. Similarly, they can be used to regulate the temperature of the yurt.


Wall Length Windows

Having a full length window installed is a great way to bring more light into your yurt and showcase any view or bushland aspect your property contains.


yurt full length windows


Other optional extras include having guttering, water catchment and water tank capabilities.

When it comes to landscaping I am experienced in building retaining walls, walkways and other features than can enhance the look and usability of your site.

Having a multi-skilled builder such as myself saves significant expense and time savings compared to needing to enlist a number of different building contractors.

Being a one man operation results in you getting much better value for money than if you were to employ a larger company with admin staff and multiple team members drawing a wage, meaning larger overheads to pass on or the longer term issue of finding your yurt builder has taken shortcuts, and/or used inferior building materials to cut costs.


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