Building ProcessThe Steps To Having Your Yurt Built

The Process To Build Your Yurt

yurt entrance


1. We suggest you have a good browse through our website to get a sense of our yurts and how one might enhance your life.

2. Investigate the status of your local councils building laws. Most areas outside of the CBD allow a 20 square metre dwelling to be built without the need for a development application.

Different regions have different conditions. For example, many councils require the dwelling to be not more than 3m above natural ground level, while other regions, such as Canberra, allow the structure to be as high as 4 metres above ground level if no part is higher than a 30 degree plane. Be sure to check for any other conditions such as distance required from your boundaries.

3. If planning approval is required, eg in the case of a Sydney residence that has only a 10 square metre exemption, undertake the process to secure approval.

4. Consider taking a visit to our showroom to see first hand how aesthetically pleasing our yurts are as well as how whisper quiet and well insulated the design is.

You can click on this link to our online enquiry form should you have any questions or wish for us to contact you. 

5. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, you can phone or email to outline what you would like to have built. We then prepare a quote for you tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

6. After securing a deposit we order materials and begin construction in our factory. We provide you with a projected date of completion.

7. When the factory construction is complete, your final payment is made and building commences.


Learn about the features of your yurt such as the construction materials used