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Stargazing Yurts was conceived after a weekend away staying in a yurt for the first time. I loved the cosiness and feel of the space, which felt so different from the typical four walled living we have grown accustomed to. 

While I was rapt with the experience of being in a yurt, it wasn’t overly comfortable due to the inadequate insulation. Being made of slender timber cladding and insulation that didn’t stand up to Australian summers, I felt there had to be a better way to build them.

The other area that stood out for an overhaul was the cupola or roof window. It allowed some light in but was small and restricted. I felt that it could be improved with a larger opening, such as a skylight that would facilitate being able to enjoy the night sky and stars, as well as bring in more light on grey days. 

Further research led me to find places that offered skylights but these were part of canvass yurts and failed to offer any option to shut out the sun on summer days or darken the space for sleeping in. Drawing on my background in design I created a skylight and shutter system that solves both of these issues, while also serving to meet flame zone bushfire conditions.


Since that initial encounter with a yurt, I have gone on to devise a model which is extremely energy efficient, sound efficient, well ventilated, suitable for being on or off the grid and meets the most severe bushfire conditions.

With sustainability being a value I hold dear, Stargazing Yurts are designed to endure far longer than the timber and canvass alternatives. Structurally they are not prone to pests or wood rot like timber alternatives, nor do they wear out or attract mould like canvass options.

About Guillaume, The Founder

Born in France, I completed a Diploma in Mechanical Design before working as a draftsman for 10 years. During the evenings I extended my knowledge taking further studies at Engineers School.

After gaining a wide exposure in design I moved into project management.

Upon moving to Australia in 2010 I completed TAFE studies in Carpentry, learned welding and other skills to become a metal fabricator.

In 2012 I launched my own business building gates, fencing, balustrades, pergolas, carports, roofing and more.

Aside from taking great pride in undertaking highly professional work, I have drawn on my innovative nature to find solutions to all manner of building challenges.

Harnessing my extensive practical experience and wealth of studies, I created Stargazing Yurts in 2017, designing a structure that is tailor-made for Australian conditions and unique in Australia, if not the world.

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Our Mission

Building community by creating spaces which bring people together and cultivate greater connection.


Our Values

Sustainability, environmental responsibility, integrity and professionalism.


Our Solution

At a micro level, offering an on/off grid alternative to high cost housing and high expense living. At the macro level, joining the leading edge movement towards greater sustainability and higher community connection.